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Our Journey and First Crowdfunding Video

Our first (but definitely not our last) Crowdfunding Campaign Video:


We have been in the retail business since 2008, first starting with brick-and-mortar but quickly graduating to an online business model.  We sell under various names: Boutiques on Broadway, Culinary Bob, Ninja Shop Central, The Price Hack, Tech Condor, Culinary Bob, and Cutting Edge Success -- depending on niche. We also sell on Amazon. Our parent company is Bossanova Enterprises, LLC.  

While we sell a number of physical products, our passion is innovation/inventions and the online digital space.

We are enthusiastic about our newest invention, the Culinary Bob Bread Keeper as we have invested heavily in a year-long testing period and results have been phenomenal. Thus, we have placed it into a crowdfunding space and hope others will also see the potential in keeping bread at its freshest!  If successful, we can expand the line into various other sizes and styles that match kitchen decor.  

We love what we do - we believe we never work a day in our lives - this our type of play - we enjoy helping others succeed - we love P*A*S*S*I*O*N!




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