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3 in 1 Cheese Kitchen Knife, Bar Wine Beer Opener -Culinary Bob

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🧀 FIND IT DIFFICULT TO CUT CHEESE SMOOTHLY? The Culinary Bob 3 in 1 kitchen cheese knife set slices through both hard and soft cheeses for a much cleaner slice. Avoids messy, sticky cheese. This stainless steel blade also cuts fruit and vegetables nicely.

🧀 NEVER HAVE THE WINE OR BEER OPENER HANDY? This multi-use cheeseknife does triple duty. Simply pop out the wine corkscrew opener and open up that bottle of wine. Makes a great addition to your bar accessories.

🧀 NEED PERFECT GENDER-NEUTRAL GIFTS? This piece of cutlery does it all. Great gift for Christmas, housewarming, birthday, mother's day, father's day, sorority and secret sister, wedding and parties of all kinds. Makes a great host or hostess gift. And if you really want to impress, pair it with the Culinary Bob Everlasting Bread Hero and think "bread, cheese, and wine." You can search for the Bread Hero here.

🧀 CAMPING TRIP? Take this unique pizza and cheese cutter along for the ride! Compact and takes up less room than a wine opener and bottle opener along with a separate cheese knife.

🧀 HOW ELSE CAN YOU USE YOUR CULINARY MULTI-FUNCTION CHEESE KNIFE? We cut cookie dough, cheesecake, pizza, fish, and so much more. The knives look cool on a serving tray, board or platter for people to help themselves. Slice eggs and avocado. Try slicing a strawberry or other fruit. You will be pleasantly surprised. ADD TO CART NOW to get yours while they are in stock. We have a limited supply.

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At Culinary Bob, we strive for unique and fun and useful tools for the kitchen. The 3-in-1 cheese knife does triple duty, making it highly unique and just all-around cool! People are going to ask "Where did you get that?" Lay it out on platters or cheeseboards; lay it by the pizza pan; use it with a bamboo cutting board; so many uses. Works great with a variety of appetizer types. Use on avocados and other fruits and vegetables. Use with a variety of sausages, salami and lunch meats. We like to think our cheese knife, wine corkscrew, and beer bottle opener combo is one of the coolest kitchen gadgets around. Our beta testers have confirmed it, too! Again, at Culinary Bob, we don't make every kitchen tool out there. But we do enjoy creating unique and useful kitchen tools that wow. We started out with our flagship product, the Culinary Bob Everlasting Bread Hero and built around that by adding complimentary bread, wine, or cheese-related products. In addition, Culinary Bob creates online eCookbooks that we offer free to our many customers. ADD TO CART NOW while we have them in stock - enjoy these knives yourself or give them as gifts. You can't go wrong. 

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