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Silicone Beverage Tote for Wine, Beer, Water, Soda and more

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TOTE BEVERAGES - a key benefit of this silicone beverage tote is that it carries up to 2 liter bottles. Tote beer, wine, water, tumblers, sodas, and more.

DOES TRIPLE DUTY (OR MORE) - this silicone beverage tote also doubles as a hot plate trivet for hot pots and pans (up to 400F) and best of all, it barely takes up any space in a drawer when storing. Use it to hang root veggies in a cool, dark, dry place and extend their lives. Use it to help twist open bottles.

GREAT AS A GIFT - if you need a great host / hostess gift, carry your bottle of wine in this silicone wine tote. You will be the hit of the party. Everyone will ooooh and aaaah over such a cute gift.

OTHER IDEAS - coaster, potholder. Yes, we've used it as both. Gets the job done.

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Cutest Versatile Kitchen Tool Around - Bottle Tote for Wine, Beer, Soda, Water, Vegetables

Doubles as a Hot Plate (Trivet) and Vegetable Preserver -- Great Gift Idea

While this silicone tote does triple duty and totes a variety of drinks, it works great as a wine tote. Give it as part of a hostess gift and you will get ooohs and aaahs over this adorable little tote.

Versatility for the Kitchen or Bar

This silicone tote takes up barely any space at all. And yet, it serves various purposes in your kitchen.

Fits Most Bottles

You can tote wine, beer, soda, water, and more. Fits most bottles and cans.

Perfect as a Gift

We've taken this, along with a bottle of wine, to dinner parties and the hostess is always excited to receive this extra gift. Works great at BYOB restaurants as well.

Multiple Uses

Root vegetables such as garlic, potatoes, onions and more can last longer by hanging in our silicone totes in a dark cellar or pantry. Highly adaptable.

Stores Flat - Can Be Used As a Hot Plate / Trivet

We use ours all the time to set our hot pots and pans on - and in a pinch we have even used it to help open jars with tight lids.

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